Child sized wheelchairs are hard to find, and it is close to impossible in developing countries. Therefore Wheelchairs for Kids, an organization located in Perth, is an important asset; as it produces wheelchairs that can be personalised for each user.


A wheelchair in a content such as Africa allows disabled kids to attend school and be less dependant and play outside with other children.


In 2018 we started our biggest project yet. The founding for the transportation of 166 donated wheelachirs, from Australia to Zambia. And the further distribution within the needed areas in Zambia.



Blu Spring aims to set up and sponsor projects that improve the wellbeing and quality of living of individual persons and communities in developing countries.


This is achieved through financial aid of existing projects. Donation of clothes, vitamins and other needed materials, as well as direct assistance through therapy.


We try to achieve this in the most environmental friendly way possible.




An orphanage situated on the outskirts of Zambia's capital, Lusaka, home to over 200 children.


The orphanage provided a room, which has been filled with the suitable and needed equipment for therapy. Here, children from the institution and neighboring areas are treated.


Furthermore, local staff gets taught how to perform therapy with the children in absence of a physiotherapist to keep progressing.


Financial aid is also supplied for materials and study founds.


Menstrual Hygiene Program by Project Luangwa


Many girls in the rural areas in developing countries can either not afford or get access to sanitary wear (traditional methods western women make use of during menstruation). Because of such difficulties, girls who reached puberty, miss up to a week of school every month. This sums up to 25% of their education, which can therefore affect their academic success.

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