Future Plans and Projects

Future Plans and Projects

THE ACTUAL PROJECT:  February 2018

Blu Spring has received 166 special wheelchairs for disabled children in Zambia from the volunteers of wheelchairs for Kids in Australia.

We financed and organised the transport of the wheelchairs in a container from

Perth, Australia to Lusaka in Zambia.

In collaboration with five non profit organisations working in various regions in Zambia the wheelchairs will and have been   distributed, assembled, and every single disabled child fitted personally in his/ her new wheelchair.

And this without any costs for the children or their families.

A wheelchair can not only change the life of a disabled child but also help and improve the wellbeing   of the whole family!

The total cost of this project is  estimated to be around 9000 € .

Help us out  change the life of disabled children and their family, by supporting us!


In the near future, we would also like to keep helping the Kasisi Children’s Home as it has an influential and important role in Zambia. This will be accomplished, as done in the previous years, by regular personal visits and assessment and instructions with the goal to improve  physiotherapy programs and the therapy room. As from the start of 2018 we found a Norwegian physical therapist who will visit the house once a week as a volunteer and we are really happy about this..

We will also continue to supply the center with needed equipment and materials such as multivitamins and used clothes. Further we will also keep helping and sustaining the Home as well as the study found financially.

In addition, we would like to progress and improve the physiotherapy program by both advancing with the individual therapy and ameliorating the education track of the local women for them to perform the therapy in the best way possible.

Further it is important to keep maintaining and adapting the wheelchairs over time, as kids grow and parts might break or need adjusting. Keeping contact with the Wheelchair for Kids foundation in Australia will be fundamental for more wheelchair projects in the rest of the country. This would help the quality of life of more children.

All this will be accomplished with the accumulated funds through donation and  collaboration with different private sponsors.

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