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In the last four years we have achieved a lot, thanks to the donation and funds received.


First of all, a physiotherapy room was created and set up in an existing space at the Kasisi Children's Home equipped to treat the children from the house and the direct neighbourhood, as well as some of the Sisters and other persons with physical problems.


Furthermore, a physical therapy program for all the children with physical problems was set up, to stimulate their development in the best way possible, and help them with walking aids. We also taught local women ( mummy's ) how to continue this program during the periods without the presence of a physical therapist. The program has been adjusted and modified each year for every individual child, as well as the inventory that has been repaired and improved over time.


After having had contact with the Australian company wheelchairs for kids and got 8 donated wheelchairs, we organised and coverd the cost of their transportation from Australia to Zambia improve the sitting posture and the life of 7 children. We then personally assembled and personalised every chair for its new user. The 8th wheelchair was gifted to a boy living in the surrounding area, allowing him to attend school again and facilitating the life and improving the quality of life of his family.

For the most heavily disabled children some of the beds were secured to prevent injuries caused by spasms during sleep.


We also collected clean and good second hand clothing and shoes for the children as well as multivitamins (without iron). Packs of 20 Kg each were posted to Zambia, for a total of about 20 packs. More clothing and materials were brought along as part of our luggage during our visits. Further, we sustain the Kasisi Children’s Home with a donation to the study fund and a payment for the fencing in order for the kids to have their own secure football field and playground.


We also supported and helped projects in other areas of Zambia, such as the Touch Therapy Project in Mfuwe (Eastern Province) during two personal visits to improve their activity with disabled children. To do so we sent them academic books for all the collaborators and made a financial donation. During our visit and meeting with Project Luangwa, we decided to sustained the Chisinsi Azimai, a sanitary pad project with a financial donation.

We also went to the Northern city of Ndola and helped with the adjustment of several Wheelchairs in two orphanages.


The plans for the future are:


Finding funds to finance the projects.

Continue to help the Kasisi Children's Home, with the the physical therapy project, with clothes , financial help.

Searching volunteer physical therapists who want to spend some weeks in Zambia.

Support organisations operating with children, with the assembling and fitting from Wheelchairs, and organising the transport.


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