Nepal 2018

Nepal 2018


In the first two weeks of January 2018 I traveled to Nepal to help the Swiss based NOG “Kam for Sud” as they where searching a physical therapist to help one of the boys in their orphanage in Tathali.

This was a private trip but totally in the spirit of Bluspring.


I stayed two weeks at the Tathali Orphanage witch is composed by three houses, build by the Swiss organisation Kam for Sud. In every house lives a couple with their own children and an additional 13 to 15 adoptive children, this created a kind of community.

One of the boys, Sagar, who is 13 years old, suffered from a stroke in November 2017 and as a result was paralysed on the left side of his body, he spent some time in the hospital where his condition improved enough to go home again.


Sagar at my arrival was very passive and was sitting a lot, although he was able to walk he only did small tracks, everybody was helping him with everything and he was not stimulated to move. He didn’t attend school (15 minutes walk), and didn’t play with his friends.

I sensed a lot of insecurities both by him, the parents and also by all his brothers and sisters. They didn’t have any idea if the stroke could have happened again, they didn’t know what to do or what not to do, they where afraid to activate him physically and mentally because his brain could be stressed to much.


After my first examination I started the physical therapy with him to stimulate his leg function and his lost hand function. We did two or three sessions a day for a total of 3 hours during this two weeks.

The most important for me was to reassure the parents and the other. children about what had happened to Sagar, what where the consequences and how to help and activate him.

At my departure the situation around Sagar was changed completely: he was more active, participated with the daily activities as far as he could ,was stimulated by his parents and friends and was less depressed, he even started to play football again, and had already reached his school once by foot.

The goal for Sagar was to start school again on the 23rd of January, or at least for some hours, to continue the therapy with his father and to attend once a week the physiotherapy at the Siddhi Memorial Hospital in the nearby town Bhaktapur.


During my stay I also had the pleasure to work for 9 days with my colleague, Ganga in the physiotherapy department of the Siddhi Memorial Hospital, a great experience.


In the beginning of April I received an Update from the head of the orphanage:

”Sagar’s physical improvement are difficult to see and he can still not use his left hand, his parents still do the daily exercises, after three and a haflf days of school Sagar wanted to stay for the whole day. And other than walking to school he walks two times 30 minutes every day, he still attends the weekly physical therapy sessions at the Hospital, and during the follow up visit the doctors where satisfied with his progress”.


Report and story written by Marco Kerkhof, Physioterapist and founder of Blu Spring

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