2018 has been a great year for Blu Spring so far.


The year started off with a two week visit to Nepal in collaboration with the Swiss NGO Kam for Sud. The aim of this visit was to provide physical therapy and assistance to Sagar, a 13 year old boy who suffered a stroke in November 2017, causing the paralysis of the left side of his body.


Read Marco’s full story and report by clicking the following link.



In addition, Marco, our founder and main physiotherapist returned to Zambia in March 2018, for his yearly visit to Kasisi’s Children home. This allows to keep the therapy up to date and change it when needed for the specific children’s needs. Further this period was significant to organize the distribution of the wheelchairs in the different areas.


To read the rest of the story about Marco’s most recent visit to Zambia follow this link.



Further, a big project was set in action collaborating with the Australian organization Wheelchairs for Kids, which donated the organization 166 wheelchairs. The financial challenge was to gather 10'000 €, the needed founding for a container, to transport the wheelchairs from Perth, Australia to Zambia. This goal has been achieved thanks to the support of public as well as private donations. This allowed to container with the wheelchairs to arrive in Zambia in May 2018. Currently the different wheelchairs are being distributed in different locations in Zambia and are being set up and adjusted to every kids specific needs by professional volunteers.


Read more about the project and the founding in the following link


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