On my third trip to Zambia (april 2016) I brought along 100 kg of baggage containing multivitamins and other materials/objects for the physiotherapy room at the Kasisi Children’s home. I was warmly welcomed by all the kids at the home. Just after my arrival I went to check out the physiotherapy room, where one of the mummy was performing therapy with one of the children. A heartwarming sight, as this proved to me that the room was being used as well as the fact that the therapy was still being performed regardless of my absence. The Physiotherapy project set up a year earlier is therefore successful.


On my first day I rearranged the physiotherapy room and started my daily visits.

The severely disabled kids, as in the previous years were set up in child seats (for in the car), position which is all but ideal. With the available means I tried to improve their posture in the best way possible, even though there certainly is more progress needed.


During this trip I came across a wheelchair which would be ideal for the disabled children at the Kasisi children's home, which was built in Australia by a group of volunteers. After doing some research I found out that the wheelchairs are donated, and therefore free, with as only cost transport. I decided to get in touch with the organization to try and arrange wheelchairs for Kasisi.


Two of the kids I visited in 2015, which couldn’t walk, where now happily running around and play together with the rest of the children.


After my first few days I started to update the therapy with the young women (mummys), trying to teach them the most possible in a short period of time. Attempting to stimulate their interest and future aspirations I created a certificate that shows and recognizes their participation to a workshop for doing exercises with children with physical problems. They were all really excited with this acknowledgment. Further I created clinical records for eventual follow up volunteers to inform them of the progress made and performed therapy.


After two weeks I flew to Mfuwe neighbouring the South Luangwa National Park (an hour flight from Lusaka), where I met with Nathalie that set up the Touch Therapy Program. This project aims to work together with mothers and their handicapped and disabled children, as there are multiple and frequent cases in the area. She started exercises with them that she learnt from literature as there are no physiotherapists in the area.


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