During My second visit, I was accompanied by one of my daughters, Zoé, and we brought over 170 KG of clothes and shoes.


The physiotherapy room had improved this thanks to the efforts of Valentina an Italian physiotherapist who stayed at Kasisi for three months. She did a great job with the therapy itself and made a visual manual for the mummy's to help them to continue the Therapy on the absence of a therapist.

The four children with severe Cerebral Palsy seemed more peaceful, but physically did not improved much. To improve their comfort, we suggested make them wear diapers rather than the old school cloth nappies, to keep them dry


The bigger children were happy to see me again, and all had grown and had made some improvements since I last saw them. We brought an ortheses, for one of the girl’s dropping foot, this improved her walking and allowed here to keep up and play more games with other children her age.

The small boy Kenny who was not able to sit on his own a year earlier, now managed walk accompanied holding hands.


Three new children arrived at Kasisi, all in need of physiotherapy.


While there we made some more improvements to the physiotherapy room. We supported the creation of a sports field financially. This allowed children to play soccer and other games in a safe environment. The building of the sports field started during our stay.


Manuela, a Swiss physiotherapist, joined us on the last few days of our stay, bringing with here another 32 Kg of clothes. She then stay at Kasisi Children's home for two months to keep the physiotherapy program and the therapy going.


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