The first time I went to Zambia, and visited the Kasisi Children’s home I was pretty much clueless of what I was supposed to expect. The main aim was to set up and provide an adequate area for physiotherapy and start up a program to cure the needy children in the home. Further I was asked to instruct local employees of the centre.


My work as a physiotherapist started the morning after my arrival. The nuns of Kasisi showed a little room furnished with some toys and a little table with chairs, room which was previously used for the education of children with special needs.


Of the eleven cases I was faced with on my first two days, there were several that I had never seen in my 25 years of experience. As there was no available information about the patients, no medical records, during the treatment I would note my observations regarding the behaviour and reactions of the kids. Then, in the evening I would look up the symptoms, possible diagnosis and eventual treatments: either on the internet (if permitted) or on the books I brought along. After some time, in nearly all the cases I noted some positive signs.


In the third week of my stay I started instructing and explaining local employees with the most experience with the disabled kids how to perform the therapy. This was a difficult step as neither of the mummy’s (women taking care of the children) had any training and education in the sanitary sector. When the mummy’s were sufficiently instructed they were allowed to perform part of the therapy on their own.

Therapy is a process that over time needs adjusting, explaining this to a person lacking the proper background is really difficult and close to impossible. But I think that in such extreme cases any help, movement and therapy is better than nothing.


This trip has been undertaken without any financial help from any organization. Further this trip changed my point of views and priorities daily. We are all faced with problems, but compared to theirs, ours often seem like having little importance.

After this trip my ambitions are keep improving the situation in Zambia, this could not be possible without further and active support.

The latter to improve:


  • The physiotherapy centre at the Kasisi children’s home and to purchase furniture and needed objects to furnish the physiotherapy area.


  • Set up a little store and atelier to sell hand-made products (which would help the home with some income).


  • Give the possibility to boys and girls to keep on studying (with financial aid).


  • And to help the the Kasisi Children’s home financially for the daily needs and costs (food, clothes, detergent,...)


Many of the ambitions here above have been achieved in the following years, read the following summaries for more information.


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