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March, 2019                       NEW!

Our latets mission to Zambia

Our goal was to do follow up visits with as many children as possible who had received wheelchairs last year. We loaded up the car with a wheelchair and some spare parts.

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Looking back into 2018

2018, was a very eventful year, with many exciting things happening throughout. Here a little insight...

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March, 2018

Zambia: Preparation for the arrival of 166 wheelchairs

With all the meetings and things achieved in a short two-week trip, my visit to Zambia was really successful and gave me the assurance that we found valuable partners for Blu Springs’ biggest project yet.

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January 2018

Nepal with Kam for Sud

Sagar was changed completely: he was more active, participated with the daily activities as far as he could ,was stimulated by his parents and friends and had already reached his school once by foot.

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April, 2017

A visit to the northern province of Zambia and Ndola

The aim was to instruct their local collaborators on how to ensemble and fit wheelchairs.

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April, 2016

Zambia: Therapy updates and good progress at Kasis Children's Home

During this trip I came across a wheelchair which would be ideal for the disabled children at the Kasisi children's home, which was built in Australia by a group of volunteers.

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April, 2015

Zambia: The second visit 

The bigger children were happy to see me again, and all had grown and had made some improvements since I last saw them.

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April, 2014

Where it all began, the first visit to Zambia

The main aim was to set up and provide an adequate area for physiotherapy and start up a program to cure the needy children in the home. Further I was asked to instruct local employees of the centre.

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