Our Mission


Blu Spring was set up after several visits to the African country of Zambia by volunteers and physiotherapists.


By observing and working there we learned about the acute need, the possibility to help in developing countries and the potential of making a difference. This developed the vision and the ethics behind Blu Spring.


Blu Spring wants transparency and assurance for sponsors about the employment and target of donations.



The Name


Blue is a color associated with depth and stability, further it is considered beneficial to the mind and body: properties that express the focus behind the well-being and care for people.


Spring in English: a season and a freshwater source, symbolizing a fresh and bright new beginning. It can also represent a jump or an elastic device that allows flexibility and an explosive movement. Characteristics that associate well with the aim and mission of the Blu Spring foundation.


Logo Designed by Casey Eastwell


The Team

Marco Kerkhof


Physiotherapist, founder and president of Blu Spring

Minusio - CH

Karin Van Hurne - Kerkhof


Physiotherapist, Vice President of Blu Spring

Minusio - CH

Selene Farine



Muralto - CH

Brigitte Wehrli


Physiotherapist and Teacher at SUPSI

Cavigliano - CH

Rosanna Janke



Giumaglio - CH

Zoé Kerkhof



Minusio - CH

Tito Pedretti


Accountant expert

Minusio - CH

Associazione Blu Spring


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