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Adopt a Wheelchair

Many disabled children in developing countries are unable to attend school, play with other kids or even get out of the house without someones help.

By adopting a wheelchair you allow a kid to a lot more freedom and starting a new life. This will not only give the children new opportunities such as attending school, playing and having more independence,  but it will also lighten the family and improve their quality of living.

Read more about the  opportunities  a  disabled  child has with a wheelchair...

With a Donation of 250€ we can organise transport and costumised assembly of a wheelchair!

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Are you a physiotherapist or ergotherapist looking for a new challenge?

Then we are looking for you!

Do you think you have the right altitude to embrace this experience and adventure?

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How Can You Help Us?

We regularly send new and good second hand children's clothes, shoes and multivitamins to Zambia.

If you also want to take action and help directly, we will give you some tips and the address.

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Associazione Blu Spring

IBAN: CH26 0900 0000 6932 8118 2

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